b'The Tech Cumulus September 2022. continued from Coveryour team, its imperative that they knowProtecting Their Computers the ramifications of falling victim to a cyberIf your employees have their own personal Human errorsecurity threat. computers, they should be doing everything in their power to keep them protected. Whenever Internet Usage they walk away from their computer, they accounts forDoes your company have restrictions onshould make sure its locked; they should also what websites your employees can usenever leave their computer in an unsecure 95% of allwhile at work? If not, thats something youlocation. Also, ensure that your employees should look into. Every device thats used byare backing up their data routinely and have successfulyour employees should have safe browsingdownloaded necessary antivirus software.software downloaded onto it to prevent them from stumbling upon dangerous sitesIts of the utmost importance that your team cyber-attacks. that could put your companys data at risk.has been fully trained in your cyber security Your employees should know what sites arepractices. If they havent, they could open acceptable to use and that they should notyour business up to all sorts of cyber-attacks be accessing their personal accounts whilethat will damage your companys reputation annually. If youve never put together a cyberconnected to your companys network. Theyfrom a customer perspective. Your business security training, you may be wondering whatshould never click on links that are sent fromwill also no longer be compliant, and topics you need to cover with your team.an anonymous source or are found on aninsurance companies may not cover your Below, you will find four of the most importantunapproved website. claims if your team is not participating in topics to cover. regular training.E-mailResponsibility For Company DataIf your employees utilize e-mail while at work,Ensuring that your team is aware of your cyber This is your opportunity to explain to yourits important that they know which e-mails aresecurity practices and actively taking steps to employees why cyber security is so important.safe to open. Employees should not respondstrengthen your cyber security is the best way They need to understand why cybercriminalsto e-mails that are from people they arentto stay compliant and prevent cyber-attacks. If are interested in your companys data and whatfamiliar with, as that could be a cybercriminalyour team is not regularly going through cyber they could potentially do with it. Everyone onattempting to gain access to your companyssecurity training, you need to start. It will offer your team has a legal and regulatory obligationdata. Employees should only accept and openmore protection to your business, which will to protect the privacy of your companyse-mails that they are expecting or that comemake your customers more comfortable doing information. When discussing this topic withfrom a familiar e-mail address. business with your company.I DIDNT KNOWUnfortunately, That Excuse Doesnt Replenish Your Bank Account, Cartoon Of Resolve A Data Breach Or Erase Any Fines And Lawsuits.Its coming . The Month That day a hacker steals critical data, rendering your office useless . That day whenyour bank account or credit card is compromised . Or that day whenyour customers private lives are uprooted .Cybercriminals and hackers are constantly inventing NEW ways to infiltrate your company, steal your assets and disrupt your life. The ONLY way to STOP THEM is this:You Must Constantly Educate Yourself On How To Protect Whats Yours!Now, for a limited time, we have the perfect way to help reduce your risk and keep you safe! Simply sign up to receive our FREE Cyber Security Tip of the Week. Well send these byte-sized quick-read tips to your e-mail inbox. Every tip is packed with a unique and up-to-date real-world solution that keeps you one step ahead of the bad guys. And because so few people know about these security secrets, every week youll learn something new! I just feel fortunate to live in a world with Get your FREE Cyber Security Tip of the Week so much disinformation at my fingertips.at www.Kloud9IT.com/weeklysecuritytipTechnology That Works!216-393-24842'