b'216-393-2484Let My People Go Surfing: The Education Of A Reluctant Businessman By Yvon ChouinardYvon Chouinard is not a typical entrepreneur. The founder of Patagonia didnt dream of making it big. Rather, he started making climbing gear to fund his passion for scaling cliffs and adventuring in the outdoors. In his memoir, Let My People Go Surfing: The Education Of A Reluctant Businessman, Chouinard talks about Patagonias meteoric rise through victories, rough patches and shifting ideals, including its environmental efforts. Its a fascinating look at a different way of doing business and offers unique perspectives for todays3 Ways To Stop entrepreneurs, such as how they can recognize their environmental impact andCybercriminals Cold In what they can do to reduce it.May 2020 Todays Crazy TimesYouve seen it. Youve probably eventhinking right now. In fact, theyre probably experienced it. For what feels like foreverworking overtime right now to craft new This monthlynow, just about everyone has been forced tomalware while our lives have been turned publicationmodify priorities. As a business owner, youveupside down. Yes, as youre focused on provided courtesyprobably been focused on shifting youryour business, hackers are finding new ways of Trent Milliron,business to accommodate this world crisis.into your IT network. Their objective is to CEO of Kloud9 IT. You may even be investing more of yoursteal data and passwords, compromise your time in retaining customers and generatingclients private information and even demand new cash flow. If youre like most people outlarge ransoms. there, youve barely even had time to think about cyber security and protecting yourDid you know that cybercrime is expected important data.to cost $6 trillion (thats a 6 followed by 12 "Do It Right Thezeroes!) by the year 2021? But, now is when First Time" Maybe youve heard the saying Never let ahackers are expected to do their absolute crisis go to waste. Its as if cybercriminalsmost damage.wrote it because thats exactly what theyre Continued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-2484 1'