b'The Tech Cumulus May 2020SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH How To Deal With Increasing Zepp Golf 2Swing Analyzer Customer ExpectationsImprove your golf game with a device smaller than a golf ball. The Zepp Golf 2 isThe more you do for customers, the more they a remarkable piece of tech that attaches toexpect. That is the nature of customer service.the back of any golf glove. Its packed with sensors and delivers real-time analysis ofExcellent service providers scramble to your game.meet the expectations of customers who have become accustomed to great service. Using Bluetooth, the Zepp Golf 2 pairs withAggressive competitors continue to bump your smartphone. As the data is analyzed,up their offerings in an attempt to take your its displayed on the accompanying app.customers from you. This has resulted in a It tracks your club speed, backswingperpetual desire by customers for more, better, positioning, hip rotation,different and/or improved.consistency and much more. The Zepp Golf 2 also has aIn most cases, good enough isnt enough. 3.Educate customers about the value long-lasting batteryup toyou create for them. If they dont know eight hoursso it will definitelyThe great art and science of business isabout it or appreciate it, it isnt valuable.make it through your next gameto improve product and/or service offerings without a hitch. The Zepp Golf 2without giving up margins or increasing prices4.Hold quarterly sessions with your team is compatible with both iPhonebeyond what customers are willing to pay. Itto brainstorm how to add value to the and Android devices. Learn morereally is about adding value without spendingcustomer experience.at Amazon or Zepp.com. too much to do it.Any business that cant do this will be relegated5.Evaluate the entire customer experience. Look for failure points Should Youto competing at the low end of the market onand irritations that can be eliminated and Invest In A VPN? price alone, and that is a difficult place to be. improvements that can be made.Virtual private networks (VPNs) areRally your team, from engineering and6.Pay more attention to your customers manufacturing to sales and support, tothan to your competition. Know safe and useful tools for connecting toregularly brainstorm how you can profitablywhat your competitor is doing, but put your the Internet. They offer protection againstgrow your value proposition. Customers willcustomer at the center of your focus.potential intruders on whatever network youincreasingly demand it.may be connected to. But when do you reallyHere are eight things you can do about them. 7.Pleasantly surprise customers whenever need a VPN? you can. Work with your team to brainstorm ideas on how to do that.There is one clear answer: whenever you1.Find out what is important to customers:Treat better customers better. Treat all need to connect to a public WiFi network. Youwhat they require and what they8.customers well, but those who spend should never connect to an unsecured publicdesire. Youre not clairvoyant, so routinely ask WiFi network. It puts your device and yourcustomers for input. more should get preferential treatment.personal data at serious risk. Even using a secured public WiFi networklike those often2.Explain your value proposition whenBusiness goes to the bold and innovative. found at hotelscan be risky. You dont knowyou must say no. If you cant doCreativity and imagination are the best tools for who might be snooping on the network.something the customer wants, explain why.continually rethinking your value proposition. But see if there is something acceptable youGood execution delivers and makes customers Dont take that chance. If, for whatevercan do instead. glad they keep coming back to you for more.reason, you need to connect to a public network, do so through a VPN. A VPN givesMark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, is the president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea studio that you encrypted protection between yourseeks to motivate and develop leaders in and outside of business. Hes the best-selling author device and the Internet. Prying eyes cantof books like Fred Factor and The Potential Principle and a noted expert on leadership, team see what youre doing, and no one else canbuilding, customer service and company change. He holds the Certified Speaking Professional access your device. If you dont already usedesignation from the National Speakers Association and is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. Check out any of his excellent books, his video series Team Building: How to Motivate one, consider investing in one today! and Manage People or his website, marksanborn.com, to learn more.Technology That Works!216-393-24843'