b'216-393-2484Tools Of Titans By Tim FerrissTim Ferriss has interviewed many successful people over the years and gained an incredible level of insight into how successful people operate day-to-day. In his book Tools Of Titans: The Tactics, Routines And Habits Of Billionaires, Icons And World-Class Performers, Ferriss puts that insight and wisdom to the page. In Tools Of Titans, youll find a curated selection of Ferrisss essays, along with healthy, wealthy3 Critical Cyber Security Protections and wise tips from the overachievers, including actor Kevin Costner, LinkedIn co-founder Reid HoffmanEVERY Business Must Have In Place and political commentator Glenn Beck, to name a few.NOW To Avoid Being HackedJuly 2020 Five years ago, you might have had state- for new ways to steal your data and make a of-the-art security protecting your businessquick buck at your expense.and network. You had the latest malware protection, highly rated firewalls and a greatWhat can you do to stay up-to-date in an ever-This monthlydata backup plan. Maybe you even had achanging digital world? Here are three things publicationhandbook on how to address cyberthreats.every business must do to protect itself.provided courtesyYou were set. But then you forgot to do one of Trent Milliron,crucial thing: you didnt stay up-to-date withUnderstand The Threats CEO of Kloud9 IT. your IT security policy.Its easy to assume that hackers are trying to get into your network the old-fashioned This is a trap countless businesses fall into.way. You might picture them hacking your They invest in great cyber security once. Fivenetwork trying to get your passwords and years ago, this was fantastic. The problemusernames or breaking through your firewall is that cyberthreats are constantly evolving.protection. While some hackers will do this (its "Do It Right TheMethods used by hackers and cybercriminalseasy for them if you use simple passwords), First Time" have come a long way in the past five years.many of todays cybercriminals rely on social Criminals stay on top of whats going on in theengineering.IT security industry. They are always looking Continued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-24841'