b'PRST STD US POSTAGE PAID BOISE, ID PERMIT 4111455 W. 29th St.Suite 2Cleveland, OH 44113Inside This Issue3 Critical Cyber Security Protections EVERY Business Must Have In Place NOW To Avoid Being Hacked | 1Get your FREE Cyber Security Tip The Business Owners Guide To IT of the W Services And Fees | 2Supporteek | 2Building Confidence As A Business Leader | 33 Technology Truths For Transforming Your Business1. You have to keep up. Tech changes fast. By the end of thisHOW MALWARE CAN CRIPPLE YOUR BUSINESSyear, 5G will be more widely availablealong with devices that can use it. More businesses will be relying on artificial intelligence toEvery year, the number of malware attacks on small businesses supplement productivity and customer interaction, putting themincreases. Symantecs 2018 Internet Security Threat Report found light-years ahead of the competition that lags behind. that between 2017 and 2018, malware increased by 54%. 2. You have to invest. Change comes with cost. If you arent willingThe term malware covers a number of different malicious to invest in new tech, then you will fall behind, andprograms, including ransomware, spyware, viruses, worms, Trojan so will your support and security. If you runhorses and more. into any problems, then you could be in big trouble. In many cases, malware is designed to take over your computer. It may be programmed to look for specific data or it may give a hacker 3. Dont fall behind on cyberremote access to your files. In the case of ransomware, it locks security. Its easy to forget aboutyou out of your computer until you pay the hacker a ransom. After cyber security when things arethat, the hacker may give you back controlor they might delete running smoothly and workingeverything on your hard drive. These are not good people.as intended. But cybercriminals never stop. They are alwaysIf you dont invest in cyber security, then hackers can destroy your looking for a way in, and if you fallbusiness. Its already happened to countless businesses across behind the times on your IT security,the country. Its estimated that websites experience up to 58 then you make it easier for them.cyber-attacks every day. Protect yourself before its too late. Small Keep your data and your customers asBusiness Trends, Oct. 12, 2019secure as possible. Inc., July 30, 2019Technology That Works!216-393-24844'