b'216-393-2484Make Your MarkBy Jocelyn K. GleiIf youve ever wanted to get inside the heads of successful entrepreneurs and other heavy-hitters in the business world, this is your chance. Make Your Mark: The Creatives Guide To Building A Business With Impact by Jocelyn K. Glei is a collection of insights and experiences from people who helped build Facebook, Google X, Warby Parker and much more.Breaking Bad HabitsThey talk about what they went through, from their beginnings to different stages of growth. This book is aimed squarely at4 Ways Your Employees Are Putting Your those in small and medium-sized businesses who may be planning for the next stage ofBusiness At Risk Of Cyber-Attacktheir own businessor just want to grow as entrepreneurs themselves.Your employees are instrumental when it comeswebsite, as you dont know where your data to protecting your business from cyberthreats.might end up.June 2021 But they can also become targets for hackersAnother way to practice safe web browsing and cybercriminals, and they might not know it. Here are four ways your employees might beis to avoid clicking on ads or by using an ad endangering your business and themselves blocker, such as uBlock Origin (a popular and what you can do about it.ad blocker for Google Chrome and Mozilla This monthlyFirefox). Hackers can use ad networks to install publication1.malware on a users computer and network. Theyre Not Practicing Safe And provided courtesySecure Web Browsing. One of the of Trent Milliron,most basic rules of the Internet is to2. Theyre Not Using Strong CEO of Kloud9 IT. not click on anything that looks suspicious.Passwords. This is one of the worst These days, however, it can be harder to tellIT security habits out there. Its too whats safe and what isnt. easy for employees to use simple passwords or to reuse the same password over and over A good rule of thumb is to avoid websitesagain or to use one password for everything. Or, "Do It Right Thethat do not have https in front of their webworse yet, all of the above. address. The s tells you its securehttps First Time" stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.Cybercriminals love it when people get lazy If all you see is httpno sthen youwith their passwords. If you use the same should not trust putting your data on thatContinued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-24841'