b'216-393-2484Start From Zero By Dane MaxwellIf youve picked up a business book over the last few years, you may have read chapters encouraging you to improve your skills. Not everyone shares the same skill sets, nor do we all have access to an equal amount of funds. So, how do you start a successful business without any of the necessary skills, resources or even confidence? Thats where Start From Zero is able to help. Dane Maxwell takes readers on a learning journey to help them realize that success is within themselves and that anyone can become a successful entrepreneur by following his tips, regardlessDo I Need A Compliance of their background. Start From Zero is an essential read for any new business owner who is dipping their toes into theAnd Cyber Security Plan?entrepreneurial pool.July 2022 We talk a lot about cyber security and howcompanys needs. If youre not, you could be incorporating the right practices can helpsubject to fines and penalties in addition to fully protect your company from cyber- being at greater risk for cyber-attacks.attacks, but theres another term thats often referenced when discussing cyber securityThough theyre related, there are still some This monthlythats just as important: compliance. While itsglaring differences between cyber security and publicationincredibly important for businesses to focuscompliance. Cyber security is practiced for provided courtesyon maintaining the highest cyber securitythe companys own sake instead of to satisfy of Trent Milliron,standards, they also need to ensure protocolthe needs of a third party. Its also present to CEO of Kloud9 IT. meets compliance standards. protect a business from the risk of constant threats and needs to be continually managed In regard to cyber security, complianceand updated. IT compliance, however, is means creating a process to help protect thecompleted to satisfy external requirements confidentiality and accessibility of informationand is driven by what the business needs "Do It Right Thethats stored, processed or transferred. Theremore than anything else. Unlike cyber security, is not an overarching standard for compliancecompliance is finished when the third party is First Time" when it comes to this. Instead, there aresatisfied with your process.different guidelines and requirements for every industry, so its important to be aware of yourContinued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-24841'