b'The Tech Cumulus December 2022SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTHThe Ekster Parliament Wallet Want To Hire More We carry sensitiveMillennials?information in our wallets. They holdHeres How To Attract Them!our drivers licenses, credit cards, family photos and more. It makes sense that we would want to doWhile giving a seminar, an audience memberThe executive who recently asked me how to everything we can torecently asked, How do you get millennials toget millennials to work for their business was keep our wallets safe.work for you? This is a fair question since themissing something. He worked for a company Now, theres a walletworkplace has changed dramatically over thethat, in my opinion, offers terrific value. This available to help us.past few years, and some of the most talentedcompany provides equipment and services The Ekster Parliament Wallet is a premium- individuals across various industries areto bring clean drinking water to people all leather, RFID-blocking smart wallet. With themillennials. So, how do you best attract them? over the world! Imagine having a company press of a button, the built-in aluminum cardmission so profoundly valuable it could attract holder fans out your cards for easier access.I felt tempted to point out the Five Fs ofmillennial talent. Yet, in this companys hiring It protects your cards from skimming andSelling straight out of the Who book I wrotepractices, website and selling tactics to is available in 10 brilliant colors. For anwith Randy Street. We researched andprospective employees, I noticed they were additional price, you can add a tracker cardidentified a checklist of items that successfultotally under-selling this critical point. They to your wallet so you can find it if you leaveleaders use to sell people on joining theiralready had a mission that fits within many it somewhere. Theres never been a smarterorganizations. After reviewing our research,millennials belief systems but simply failed to wallet than the Ekster Parliament Wallet.we determined five common ways successfulsell that idea through recruiting or hiring.leaders got people to join their teamsfit, family, freedom, fortune and fun. The one Want Your Business Tothat applies most when it comes to attracting Survive Inflation?millennials is the first F: fit.Focus On Customer Service I believe its a common misconception that millennials are lazy or want all sorts of Small-business owners face many challengesexceptions made. Most millennials arent when trying to run their businesses, butchoosing employment someplace simply difficulties grow exponentially during times ofbecause they are allowed to bring their inflation. They must find new ways to ensuredog to work or because they are provided that costs remain low while profits increase. Ifwith free massages, coconut water or youre a business owner facing this dilemma,other goods. On the contrary, I think most you dont need to reinvent the wheel; youmillenials want to work for a company they should focus on your customers. A recentcan believe in. They want to believe their job study from Microsoft found that 96% ofhas meaning or has a positive impact on a consumers think customer service is importantbroader set of people. If you want to make your business a place in their choice ofwhere millennials want to work, you must loyalty to a brand.When hiring a millennial, you should know yourensure your companys values align with those This meanscompanys reason for being. In order to getof the person youre recruiting or interviewing. you shouldthem to accept the job youre offering, it mustIf you can articulate your companys reason continuallyfit that persons value system. Sell that pointfor being and show how it fits that candidates go above andhard. Many companies I see fail to put enoughreason for living, youll have no problem beyond for youremphasis on this. attracting talented millennials to your business.customers. A great way to do so is through customer service management software that allows you to stay connected to your customers. Developing andDr. Geoff Smart is the chairman and founder of ghSMART, a leadership consulting maintaining customer relationships will lead tofirm that exists to help leaders amplify their positive impact on the world. Dr. Smart and his firm have published multiple New York Times best sellers. He stays active in increased loyalty and sales.his community and has advised many government officials. Technology That Works!216-393-24843'