b'The Tech Cumulus December 2021SHINY NEW GADGET OF THE MONTH When To Cut People Travelmate RoboticsTired of the usual, old-fashioned luggage? Travelmate Robotics is trying to changeFrom Your Teamthe luggage game. With these suitcases, you never have to worry about the safety of your items. It comes standard with a secure Bluetooth-enabled lock and GPS tracking if your bag ever goes missing. The suitcase also comes with a scale so youll never haveNot long ago, I had a subscriber reach out to to worry about overpacking.me with a challenging question. This persons The best part? The suitcasebusiness had made many changes due to is entirely autonomous andCOVID-19 and the economy. They wondered will follow you around throughwhen they should begin cutting people from a Bluetooth connection.their team. To explain my views on the matter, I The Follow Melike to turn to a story from the Bible.function as well as the obstacleA man named Gideon was selected by God avoidance systemto lead the Israelites and free the people of sets TravelmateIsrael from those who were worshipping idols. Robotics ahead ofGideon gathered 32,000 men from four tribes the competition. Itsin an effort to defeat the Midianites. After the ideal suitcase forGideon had gathered the troops, God came to any businesspersonhim and informed him that he had gathered too or frequent flyer. many soldiers.When Gideon asked what he should do, God The Goldensaid he should give a rousing speech to thehim he still had too many soldiers. Gideon was 32,000 troops, but he should end the speechinstructed to march his troops until they were Question by saying, Now that were off to fightifhot, thirsty and tired before bringing them to theres anybody here whos afraid and youthe river. Gideon did just that, and when they When we make a big decision, we usuallythink were about to lose this upcoming battlearrived at the river, 9,700 of his troops dropped focus on the immediate outcome ratherwith the Midianites, you can be excused attheir shields and spears before jumping into than how it will affect the future. The goldenthis time. Go home, we cant use you thisthe water. Gideon then excused those troops question is actually a five-part question thattime. When Gideon gave this speech, 22,000and was left with 300.everyone should consider before makingmembers of his army decided to call it quits.any potentially life-changing decision. ItGideon took his 300 troops and led them to starts by asking yourself, How wouldThis is an important story to consider whenattack the Midianite camp when night fell. By I feel about this in a day?trying to decide if you need to make cuts tousing a strong strategy and the might of his In a week? How about ayour team. When you are recruiting, itssmallbut dedicatedteam, Gideon sent the month? Or a year? Or evenhard to get an idea of how someone willMidianite army fleeing in terror.fiveyears? actually turn out. Youre bound to make some wrong hires who dont appreciateI am a big believer in creating a small but Using this mindset to helpwhat you are trying to do. If someone doesdynamic team. By recruiting the right people, make decisions is anot believe in the cause, they do notyou have a better chance of success. The good way to avoid anydeserve a spot on your team. more difficult part of leadership is letting go of future regrets. Oftentimes,those people who are too afraid or negative we use emotions to help decideGod came to Gideon after he relievedand replacing them with suitable candidates. It on these major choices instead ofthe 22,000 soldiers from service and toldmight not be easy, but it is necessary.looking at them logically. If you use the golden question whileWhile Darren Hardy was growing up, his father always told him to be the exception. thinking about your choices, youreHe has taken this philosophy and applied it to his many pursuits in the world of bound to choose what is best business. Darren has remained at the forefront of success media for over 25 years for you. and is not stopping anytime soon.Technology That Works!216-393-24843'