b'216-393-2484Deep WorkBy Cal NewportIn a culture dominated by technology, a rare skill is becoming increasingly more valuable. Deep work is the ability to focuswithout distractionon a mentally demanding task. As people receive a seemingly endless supply of e-mails and engage with an overabundance of social media platforms, they have lost this skill and limited their ability to think critically.Cal Newports Deep Work does not simply assert that distractions are bad. It focuses on the fact that developing a strong and deep work ethic can greatly produce beneficial outcomes. He also dives into how to transform your mind to think this way.If youre trying to get ahead of the curve inA Proven Method To Secure the workplace, this book is a must-read. Your Businesss NetworkNovember 2021 People dont usually think about smallLuckily, many average cyber security strategies businesses when discussing cyber security.can keep the would-be hackers away. Their The media covers breaches in governmentalmethods are always changing, though, and it and big-business security in excess. Thesehelps to be one step ahead of the game.This monthlyentities usually have lucrative targets that publicationattract the attention of hackers but are oftenThese are the best current cyber security provided courtesybacked up with an extremely protectivestrategies you can put into place.of Trent Milliron,network security system thats difficult to crack. CEO of Kloud9 IT. When hackers cant break the big system, theyCloud Security turn their attention to easier targets. Cloud security is the protection of data stored online via cloud computing platforms from While most hackers want the opportunity totheft, leakage and deletion. As more and more crack a high-risk target, these situations arebusinesses switch from hard-drive data storage "Do It Right Thefew and far between. Instead, they turn theirto remote databases, this practice is becoming attention toward much lower-hanging fruit. Thismore and more commonplace. Methods of First Time" is where small businesses come in; they stillproviding cloud security include firewalls, have access to money and data but have muchpenetration testing and virtual private lower defense than a governmental entity.Continued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-24841'