b'216-393-2484The Millennial Whisperer:The Practical, Profit-Focused Playbook For Working With And Motivating The Worlds Largest GenerationBy Chris TuffMillennials have a bad reputation. Theyre seen as lazy and entitled, but as Chris Tuffs book The Millennial Whisperer points out, many of them are, in reality, hardworking and determinedand theyre an important part of todays business landscape. Tuffs goal is to give older generations the tools they need to work more effectively with the millennial generation. He gets into how to create a business environment and company culture where productivity soars and everyone wins.Making This One Mistake Many millennials are eager to help businesses succeed, including yours. With The Millennial Whisperer, learn what you can do to unlockWith Your Network Can that future success!June 2020 DESTROY Your BusinessA lot of businesses wait until somethingReactive IT support used to be the norm. Most breaks before they fix it. And even then,network security specialists went to work after they may take a patchwork approach tosomething went wrong. Unfortunately, some This monthlyfixing the problem. They are reactive ratherbusinesses still have this reactive mindset publicationthan proactive. Sometimes taking a reactivewhen it comes to their IT and network security. provided courtesyapproach is fine, but other times, andThey have an it wont happen to me attitude. of Trent Milliron,depending on the circumstances, it can leadThe truth is that these are the people most at CEO of Kloud9 IT. to even bigger problems. risk. Its not a matter of if, but when. Hackers and cybercriminals are more active than ever.When it comes to network security, for example, being reactive to problems can beThankfully, proactive support is now the norm. downright dangerous. Its not just hackersMore and more IT services and security firms you have to worry about. There are powerhave the tools and resources to protect you "Do It Right Theoutages, data loss, equipment failure andBEFORE the worst happens. So, why partner First Time" more. In IT, a lot can go wrong. But if yourewith an IT services company?proactive about cyber security, you can avoid many of those pitfalls.Continued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-2484 1'