b'216-393-2484Competing In The New World Of WorkBy Keith FerrazziBusinesses should be adaptable so they can remain competitive with others in their industry. This is something that became painfully clear for thousands of companies throughout the pandemic. Some needed to stay ahead of trends to even keep in businessand Keith Ferrazzis newest book, Competing In The New World Of Work, provides the perfect guide for those who may be struggling to keep up. Ferrazzi details the changes that occurred during the pandemic while also unveiling new visions for the future and new leadership models that will help bring success to any business. With this road map in hand, your business willKeep Your Information Securebe well on its way to a successful future, no matter what changes are thrown your way. By Using Strong PasswordsOctober 2022 We use passwords for just about everything.access to your personal cell phone. They would Most of us have to enter a password to get intoimmediately be able to see all of your contacts, our computers, then enter more passwordspictures and applications. They might even be to access our e-mail, social media profiles,able to log in to your e-mail, where they could This monthlydatabases and other accounts. Even ourobtain your banking information. If this type publicationcell phones and tablets can and should beof access falls into the wrong hands, it could provided courtesypassword-protected. In fact, if you arentbe detrimental to your life. Passwords offer of Trent Milliron,securing all of your devices and accountsthe first line of defense to prevent others from CEO of Kloud9 IT. with passwords, you should definitely start. Itobtaining sensitive information.could help prevent your business and personal information from becoming compromised. This becomes even more important if you own a business. Each of your employees should be Why Passwords?utilizing strong passwords to access company "Do It Right TheWe use passwords to ensure that those whoinformation. If your business is not using dont have access to our accounts cant getpasswordsor is using simple passwordsFirst Time" access. Most of our devices hold large amountsyou could be opening yourself up to hackers of personal information. Think about the potential harm someone could do if they gainedContinued on Page 2 .Technology That Works!216-393-24841'